Day: Date: Event:
5th Wednesday Eid al-Fitr, end of Ramadan (date to be confirmed, Public Holiday)
8th – 9th Saturday – Sunday ‘Gymnastics Showcase’, Rhythmika School of Rhythmic Gymnastics, Queen’s Hall, POS, 624-1284, queenshalltt.com
9th Sunday Pentecost (Observance)
15th Saturday ‘Yoruba Drum Festival’, Yoruba Village, East POS, 628-5008, www.emancipationtt.com, info.emancipation@esctt.org
16th Sunday Father’s Day (Observance)
19th Wednesday Labour Day (Public Holiday)
20th Thursday Corpus Christi (Public Holiday)
21st – 23rd Friday – Sunday ‘2019 Gospel Concert’, Renaissance Productions, Queen’s Hall, POS, 624-1284, queenshalltt.com
23rd Sunday ‘Launch of the Kwame Ture Memorial Lecture Series’, Central Bank Auditorium, POS, 628-5008, www.emancipationtt.com, info.emancipation@esctt.org
30th Sunday ‘Q.E.D.T.T. Concert’, Quite Exquisitely Done, Queen’s Hall, POS, 624-1284, queenshalltt.com
30th Sunday ‘Tobago Dragon Boat Festival’, Pigeon Point, Tobago, ttdbf1@gmail.com, http://facebook.com/TTDBF.
30th Sunday ‘Annual Kingfish Tournament’, wwwttgfa.com
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