Learn to Lime

“Liming” is the art of living and enjoying life with friends and family. A “lime” can be two friends after work enjoying a cold beer at a neighbourhood bar or it can be with hundreds of people at a beach fête or on a party-boat taking a midnight cruise. Good food, good drinks and good friends is all that’s needed for a good time and perfect “lime”.

In Trinidad and Tobago prime liming season begins with Christmas Parang parties, straight through to Carnival, the action is non-stop with all-inclusive fêtes, breakfast parties, house and pan yard jams.

During the Lenten period after Carnival, the pace slows, and the jazz, cricket and football season begins. But whatever the season there are always cooler cruises, raft-ups and “down de islands” (DDI) parties.

Culturally, there is no shortage of things to do…celebrations, art galleries, music, dance and theatre festivals are held across the country and throughout the year.

Every day’s a celebration in T&T.

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