Entertainment : Cultural Callaloo

Are you entertained? In this tropical arena you will be! Enjoy festivals from J’ouvert to Jazz, and if you’re willing, become part of the spectacle. Trinidad and Tobago has been the training ground for some of the world’s most talented performers.  It’s here that the steelpan was made from recycled oil drums into instruments of spectacular range where you can enjoy anything, from Schubert to Soca. Music surrounds us, from the Paranderos roaming the streets of Paramin, to the pannists in the steelpan yards of Port of Spain, and Jazz musicians performing on the beaches of Tobago.  It all depends on the season. We have world-class theatres including Queen’s Hall, NAPA and the Shaw Park Cultural Complex, where plays by award-winning artists are performed and you can enjoy our world-renowned choirs up-close. But, we also have smaller cafes and bars, where performers host more intimate sessions from Spoken-Word poetry to EDM parties featuring the likes of Trinidadian-born Jillionaire. And then there’s our Carnival – where it all mixes into a delicious callaloo of live concerts and fetes. Time is your enemy, as there is so much to see and enjoy across the island.

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