Good food, good times

It’s no idle boast, Trinidad and Tobago’s cuisine is among the most diverse and deliciously unique in the world. When locals return home, the first thing on the “to do” list is to head to the nearest Roti shop or Shark and Bake seaside stall. The rich variety of fruit also makes our drinks just as delicious, from the spicy Ginger Beer to delicious Ponche de Creme and rum-laced Petit Ponche; there are also fresh juices and smoothies made from Coconut, Portugal, Mango, Five Fingers, Passion Fruit and Sapodilla to name just a few that should be enjoyed.

Our multi-cultural history is reflected in our foods and many restaurants place a local twist on international favorites. You can choose from a wide selection – Middle Eastern, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, African, British, American and Creole menus in restaurants, cafés and street stalls across the country.

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